Our Story:

Jaime and James have always found that water is an important component to all things including companies.  We have taken PSI with our history of water softener’s and expanded it to include Reverse Osmosis units, Filters, and Engineering services.  We provide Service, Sales, and Installation for your water treatment needs.



Clients- Are our cornerstone for business and treat each with respect.  We know the best advertisement is a happy client.

Communication- In this industry there are many areas where a misunderstanding can happen.  Our goal is to make sure you understand what you need and what we are offering.

Satisfaction- We go over all work with clients after installations, so the client knows how to operate equipment and when service is needed.

Value Proposition:

At PSI our company has factory trained professionals with a CA State Certified P.E. Engineer.

We also can repair other manufactures equipment when clients can’t find help.